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The old app was great the new one I rubbish I've tried talking to head office but don't want to know I've lost over 2000 points !!!!!

Had app for about a minute. Already deleted it. It's terrible. Doesn't work at all!! They also need a build your own sandwich option.

The new updated app is totally unusable. I am not able to even make an order on it. The old app worked great. Why did you change it? I am no longer going to subway for lunch now until this app is fixed.

The updated app stinks. There was nothing wrong with the old app. I can see updating and app if it improves it, but this was a mega fail.

The app won't login when I press login so I just don't see point in the app. I also had 32 dollars in it so subway will be hearing from me

The app worked fine for a bit, but today it won't work at all, keeps telling the cart is expired when I try starting an order. The app is pretty worthless if you can't even make an order to begin with

Tried to add my debit card to the account but it will not allow me to. So the app is useless if you cannot even order your lunch fron it. PleSe fix this issue!

The app randomly declines payment. Makes the app useless. It's just started in the last few days. I've used it dozens of times before with no problem. I hope it's fixed soon

I'm having the same problem.. It declined my payment.. So I get lunch elsewhere.. Fix it please!?

Doesnt work for Brantford

Wast of time.

Had a problem

I understand the concept, but the app could use an extension of number limit in entering your PIN number for you bank card. I have 5 digits in my pin and it only allowed 4. I want to put my bank card in this so I can make purchases. Please fix this.

Wont find locations near me

Today at my neighbourhood Subway, the sandwich artists were promoting to all customers that they now accept online orders through the Subway app. But this app wont actually find that franchise (nor any in my city).

Still not optimized for the iPhone 6 screen

App looks terrible and it would be nice to have a feature to leave instructions on how the sandwich should be made.

Mixed feelings

I downloaded the app because I thought it would be a convenient way to save time but it hasnt really saved me anytime because everytime I go in to pickup my order they either forgot to make it completely or they forgot some parts of it! Ive used this app about 10 times already and Im still waiting for them to get my complete order right! On the other hand, I like the app because you can order straight from your phone, and you can customize your order without rushing!

Works great

Very convenient & user-friendly. I design my sandwich through my iPhone, and when I go to Subway (2 blocks from my house), its waiting for me -- already paid for through the app.

What a racket

Usually, this app works great. But from time-to-time, it gives a "payment declined" response after you pay while the charge actually goes through. You pay. But no sandwich.

Nice job

Some wonkiness with continuity and the account creation and link to a credit card, but all in all a very nice experience.

Crashed on first use.

Glitchy at best. I deleted the app.

Horrible terrible disappointing

Extremely disappointed. 2nd time using the app. It decline my payment but STILL withdrew funds. The employee working at the location I ordered from was not helpful nor friendly. Told me to call corporate nothing can be done. Left me and my 4 year old son walking out without a sub. Using the app is like taking a gamble. This is a common issue that needs to be fixed but still havent. Very disappointed

Apple Pay

make it so I can add my subway card to my Apple Wallet!!!! the Dunkin Donuts app allows it. so does the Starbucks app. and the Rite Aid app. but not your app. get up to speed

Like the App

Would like to better be able to track rewards and use them through the app. Would make it perfect.

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